Business Factory Online

The Business Factory, which you can access whenever you require it, regardless of your circumstances or life stage of your business.

Content and support has been developed in house by advisors with a number of years experience in supporting businesses, we have also brought in a range of external organisations to help develop some of the content.

You can work through the resources in your own time, at your own pace. And whether you choose to complete a full module, or dip in and out, is completely up to you and your preferred style of working.

Our support covers a range of areas for those looking to start a business, those in the early stages of business or those owning or working in an established business.

Business Ideas Finder

Search for business ideas based on your skills, interests and life style choices.

It also allows you to filter business ideas and find out how many similar business ideas already operate in the local area.

Business Diagnostic Tool

To access support through the Business Recovery Programme, please use this tool to assess your business in a range of areas and get a benchmark score to help you focus on what core areas of your business you may need to allocate resource to.

This diagnostic tool has been designed to score businesses in several key areas including finance, marketing, leadership and management, skills and risks.

Business Planning Tool

A step by step guide, which will allow you do develop a business plan from scratch, through videos, factsheets and step-by-step questions.

You will receive a full business plan when complete, which you can download and use for your business.

Documents and Workbook

A range of documents and presentations which have been developed by consultants to help you start and grow your business. All documents and workbooks will give practical advice and will guide you through processes step-by-step.

Workbooks include Setting up a Facebook page, growing your audience etc.

Videos & Tutorials

A suite of videos on a range of topical areas such as:

  • Marketing
  • PR & Branding
  • Finance
  • Business Planning

Recordings of previous events/workshops are also available.

Factsheets for business

An online information resource for business support agencies to guide our small and growing businesses.

These factsheets are available for client to find a range of start-up guides, factsheets, industry reports and updates.

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